Qrip Solutions by Reliefed | UNIQUITY ALL THE WAY
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Customized design and solutions for your products.

Your opportunities to prioritize.

To be able to develop the products in the Qrip portfolio we are using the patented 3D production technology – 3D-iExtrusion by Reliefed Technologies. 


The technology opens up opportunities that previously was not possible to achieve. It´s how we can meet the needs and requests from customers within the Qrip segment and tailor your next generation grip and anti-slip solutions.


Our experienced team, working with the Qrip solutions, can guide you to the optimal design. We listen closely to your input and priorities. What is of importance to your specific application or product?

things to have in mind

When developing your Qrip™ product with us.


Specific design for specific purpose. The Qrip solution is modular to fit your system. The design for each individual product or application is developed in close collaboration with our customers who knows their products and their future product strategies.


We tailor the slip/grip design structure to meet safety requirements in all directions. The Qrip rubber insert, for aluminium framed entrance matting solutions, is the first rubber/polymer insert with opportunity to get the same anti-slip properties in all directions.


Aluminium, rubber, polymer, composites, ceramics, bio-composites etc, the choice is yours depending on what requirements you want to fulfill. Want to be compliant with fire safety regulations, legislations within food processing or minimize your environmental footprint? Let´s do it!


The ability to leave your company DNA on products is essential but often limited due to existing manufacturing methods. We can easily design a product with a pattern that will clearly relate to your brand communication platform. You can even get your logo designed into the pattern.


We have a “lifecycle” thinking in everything we do. Our technology is environmentally friendly with multiple cleantech awards appointed. The technology utilizes 100% of the material going into the process. There is no material waste or additional processing and logistic steps.


Up to 90% of slip accidents occur on wet or contaminated surfaces. The Qrip™ solution enables designs for best possible drainage. Usually a good drainage design equally means an easy-to-clean solution where dirt and contamination evacuate from the product in a superior way.


Leave the dirt where it should be – on the outside. For commercial buildings there are big savings to gain by having an efficient anti-slip and scraping off solution in the entrance. We can optimize products for removing as much dirt under the shoes as possible which will also save interior flooring.