Qrip Solutions by Reliefed | About us
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Behind the scenes

The Qrip Solutions enabled by Reliefed Technologies.

The beautiful coastal town Varberg is located in western Sweden. This is where you find us and where magic is happening.


Qrip Solutions is a product brand range, of Reliefed Technologies, within the field of anti-slip and grip products and applications.


Reliefed Technologies, a multi-award winning 3D-technology company, has developed a disruptive and ground breaking technology for efficient 3D mass production enabling new solutions that previously wasn’t possible.


Enough about the technology or do you want more? Please check out Reliefed.

Our process

The merge of our customers product knowledge and the Qrip™ teams’ knowledge of technology opportunities is facilitated by a well proven process


    Joint workshop to merge customer product portfolio vision with Qrip Solutions possibilities.


    High-level conceptual definition with a clear description of the characteristics or attributes needed to address a specific set of requirements or capabilities.


    Definition of business securing supplier to end customer values.

  • 04 Technology implementation roadmap

    Joint definition of activities and timeline to meet start of production target.

  • 05 Project definition and initiation

    Definition of detailed time plan with set activities and division of responsibilities targeting to initiate project.